The iphone has one really weak feature – the phone. It is great at everything else. But for something that is primarily a phone, apple could have done a better job. First the signal strength is not good. Next it drops calls. It has no signal at home. This really drains the battery.


I’ve been an ipod fan for years. I got my first one a 4 gig mini, at the Check Point experience a few years ago. I “won” it by giving a creative answer for the 10 to 1 question. That is, I’d try to recommend 10 crossbeam appliances for every 1 Nokia. That piece of fiction got me a free ipod. We sell more than 10 Nokia appliances for each Crossbeam for sure. After a few while, I gave the 4 gig to my wife and got a 60 gig ipod video. It was nice, now my son has it. Now I have the iphone. It is like a gameboy, ipod, gps, web browser, and phone in one device. It does all of these features pretty well. It does have a few drawbacks.
1) No voice dialing? C’mon phones have had this for years. It’s not very handsfree without it. My Motorolla Q had this, I used this feature alot. It was frustrating sometimes when noisy, but I still used it.
2) No flash? This needs to be fixed, soon. What good is fast internet if you don’t have flash.
3) None of my old ipod devices work with it. I have to go buy a new clock radio, a new car charger, a new car dock. One of the reasons I bought real ipods and not chinese fake ipods was because of compatibility. What gives? Couldn’t apple write some backwards compatibility into the iphone.

Anyway, the good news is that I can read a book or play a game while listening to music. That just rocks.

The iPhone has made flying and airport waits bearable again.